Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random =D

Hello All!
We just felt like doing something random.
Enjoy the pictures.

Rabbits are SO cute! =D
and Babies are ADORABLE! =D

Sunset picture.

Just think of the sacrifices our soldiers have to go through everyday so that we can be safe!!

Precious beyond words.


Have a Great Day and God Bless!
We got these pics off google =D
~Hannah, Ruth and Sarah Keller~

Friday, September 28, 2012

We got awarded (again!)

We got awarded by Jessa Bri @ Life Of A Michigan Homeschooler

1. Must state the rules.

2. Thank the awarded and link back to them.

3. Must pass this award on to five other bloggers

4. List their names with links to their award winning blogs.

5. Must notify the awarded bloggers by commenting on their blogs.

6. Share 7 unusual things about yourself. Something that not many people could say about themselves.

7 unusual things...
1. My favorite game is Parcheesi
2. My favorite flower is a Black eyed Susan
1. I was born in Canada
2. My siblings and I commonly go scorpion hunting! (We usually catch 4-8)
1. My hair reaches just past my waist
2. I like to play piano
3. My favorite color is purple
We award......
Have a GREAT DAY and God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

We got awarded!

We got awarded by Storyteller!! Thanks! You are so sweet!
(Check out her blog!)
1. The person must list 11 things about themselves.
1. I'm the oldest girl in my family.
2.I still have the teddy bear I got when I was a baby
3. I started biology today
4. I'm reading "A Journey in Grace" (Fascinating!)
1. Our dog is about to have puppies!
2.I want a white cat. (REALLY bad! =D)
3. I want to sew a purse, but can't find the right pattern :(
4. I am learning a Duet on the piano with Sarah!
1. I'm wearing a skirt Ruth made for me.
2. Nana is visiting!
3. I get to see my best friend in two weeks!!!!!

2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award
1. What is your middle name?
2. What is your favorite season?
3. What is your favorite way to fix your hair?
4. How many animals do you have?
5. What is your favorite music?
6. Tea or Coffee?
7. Soup or salad
8. Pool or lake?
9. Beef or chicken?
10. How many followers do you have?
11. What version of the Bible do you prefer?

1. What is your favorite type of blog? (random, story, etc.)

2. What's your type of music?
Hymn and classical

3. Fave movie?
Randomly changes
4. Most epic movie ever?
Lord of the Rings

5. Most epic music ever?
Hannah- Unknown
Ruth- Chariots of fire theme music

6. If you could play an instrument (if you don't, or if you already do), what would you pick?
Hannah- Violin
Ruth- Piano

7. If you could put yourself in a situation in a movie or book, what movie or book would that be?
Hannah- I wouldn't want to be, my life is fine.
Ruth- I don't know.
Sarah- I don't know

8. What's the one thing that you excel at?
Hannah- coloring and reading
Ruth- Organizing.
Sarah- School

9. What is your ideal job? (even if you already have one)
Hannah- Mother/wife
Ruth- Mother/wife
Sarah- Mother/wife
10. What's your dream? ("My new dream was you..." Sorry. Tangled quotes stuck in my head. =D)
Hannah- Mother/wife
Ruth- To be a mother/wife
Sarah- Mother/ wife
11. What was/is your favorite memory of 2012?
Hannah-  Undecided
Ruth- Being with old friends we don't see much!
Sarah-  Going to the beach 

3. Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post

 4. Go to their page and inform them of the nomination

5. Absolutely NO tag backs

OK. :)

6. Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers

Monday, September 24, 2012

We have been awarded!

We have been awarded the Artsy Award
by  Storyteller at
Ireland at
Piano Bookworm at

Are we Artsy or what?
=D Thanks y'all for awarding us!

1. Normally this is where it says "thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to their blog etc. etc." Well, you can do that if you want. I mean, if you like the award and you're glad you got it and you can do that. Or you can just copy this and have people listen to me rambling. :)

(Go to the top for the "Thank you") =D

2. Answer the five questions set out for you and make the next five questions for the people that you nominate. Here are your five questions we are to answer: (From Storyteller)

1) What would be your idea of the perfect book?
Hannah- Any book.
Ruth- Books about back then, Medieval, Revolutionary, Civil war, e.t.c.
Sarah- Interesting books.

2) What's would be your ideal home?
Hannah- A frame Log Cabin.
Ruth- A house big enough for me, my husband (If the Lord wants me to marry) and kids (If the Lord wants me to have children) that is out in the country.
Sarah- Same as Ruth

3) If you could go anywhere in the world, what would you do?
Hannah- Canada
Ruth- Go back to Canada and see our extended family or to Northern Ireland.
Sarah- Go to Northern Ireland

4) Elves or pixies?
Ruth- Elves
Sarah- Elves

5) Pegasus' or unicorns?
Hannah- Unicorns
Ruth- Unicorns
Sarah- Unicorns

From Piano bookworm:

#1. What sort of book do you like best?
Answers above.

#2. Have you ever been somewhere exotic? (Like the caribbean or africa or any neat place like that) And if you have, where was it?
Nope, unless Canada counts.

#3. Bread & Butter, Toast, or French Toast?
Hannah- Toast
Ruth- Toast
Sarah- French Toast

#4. Which school subject do you like best? (If you're not in school anymore, which subject did you like best?)
Hannah- History
Ruth- Grammer
Sarah- Math
#5. Do you like my blog?
YES!! Your blog has a great design, and greater stories! ;D

Ireland didn't have any questions.
3. OK, so usually there's a "NO TAGBACKS" rule. I'm here to say that in #3 of this award you can tag or not tag or whatever you want to do. Agreed? Agreed. ;)
We tag.......drum roll please! =D......

Joy Doodlebug
Leah Mays

4. Award five people (at the least) or as many as you like this award

If you got awarded here are the questions.

1.) Skirts or Jeans?
2.) Cats or Dogs
3.) Cows or horses?
4.) Wood floors or carpet?
5.)  Who do you like best? Hannah, Ruth or Sarah? (Just kidding =D)
5.) Rain or sun?
Have a Great Day!
Hannah, Ruth and Sarah.


Hello all!
We have had quite a busy week! Last weekend Dad took us to the beach! That was fun!
Our dog Emilie is pregnant again!! =D =D! She is due October 16th!
Our Nana (Mom's mother) is coming to visit us tomorrow, she doesn't know the Lord, so could y'all pray for her, please?
We have been enjoying LOVELY cool weather! It is perfect for hikes in the woods, long bike rides, and runs with our dogs!
This is probably the ONLY time you will see Justin Bieber on our blog! =D

Our older brothers and we made this movie today.
What do you think?
Random! =D
Have a GREAT day and God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello all!
Today marks the 11th anniversary of the sad day

We will never forget.
God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~


Monday, September 3, 2012


Hello all!
Here are some funny picture to brighten your day! :) Happy Labor Day!

God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~