Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A very dear friend of ours passed away quite suddenly, and we are heart-broken!
We have known her for almost eleven years.
She was a twin, so please pray for her twin sister who was left behind.
They were very close.
She knew the Lord so this comforts us.
Thank you for praying for her twin Marcella.
~The Keller Girls~

Monday, January 27, 2014

More "funnies"! =D

This isn't funny, but it is SO neat!!!!

Classic Rock 101's photo.



That one is for you, Janna! ;)

Photo: More #Bacon - Good Morning <3

For those who are unclear about when duct tape should be used. 

(Thanks to our pal Maya for this.)


~The Keller Girls~

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday funnies?

Hey y'all!!
Here are some "funnies" we have run across.
Feel free to "steal" =D!

I Love My Dog's photo.
Our cats are known for doing this! AUGH! Drives us crazy! lol

Wow! Quite a pickup line! LOL
Wow again!! LOL
You are trouble!
Us in any kind of water!
hee hee!

Isn't lovely! ;(
Oh my!
Whatever!.... B btw!
*sniff, sniff*
Yeah! lol ;)
~The Keller Girls~