Sunday, January 12, 2014


"Hello all our 'millions' of fans!"
(Quote from the AWESOME Martha movies)
We know, we haven't posted in FOR.......EVER!!
We hope y'all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

Life has been SO busy!
Here are a *few* pictures....
The boys came home from college!
All the kids, but Ruth, who was taking the picture.
Here is the baby girl.... Heidi! =D
Hannah and Heidi.
Ruth and Heidi.
Sarah and Heidi.

Ruth got her braces off!!!!!!

Before, during, and after.



Abigail being CRAZY! ;)


Sarah made this.. clay?... person. =D

Our cat, Oreo, fully enjoying a couch!

Abigail and I. =D

This is the new stray, Agnes.

Mia and Ruth, =D

Sarah's and Ruth's sewing project!!
Sarah made this for her best friend, and she had the greatest time sewing and personalizing the doll!!

Honey and Agnes.


Abigail's beautiful hair!

The four of us and Mia. =D


Someone got caught with her hand in the cookie jar..... Just Kidding. =D
 Brothers. =D
Us. =D
Have a great day and God bless!! =D
~The Keller Girls~


  1. Yay!! Another Keller post!! =D Lovely photos, girls! It must be so nice to have your brothers home from college. I'm rather jealous of you girls, I would LOVE to have a couple of older brothers!! Congratulations on having your braces removed Ruth!! I had them for a couple of years, and had them taken off a few months ago. It is such a nice feeling to have them gone, as I'm sure you know!!
    I pray that Jesus blesses you girls and your awesome family in 2014, may it be a year rich in blessings and wonderful times!!

    1. Thanks Jemimah!

      It is SO fun to have the boys home. =D

      Yes, braces a only fun when they are off! ;)


  2. Are your cats all indoor?