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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Awkward and Awesome with H, R, and S.

Hannah's Awkwards:

1.) Ruth, Abigail, and I ran out to Walmart to get a *few* things (which in a big family means at least one cart full..). When we got to the cash register the guy at cash looks at us for a moment and says:
Him: "One of you wouldn't happen to be the mom." (seeing all the groceries he guessed that we couldn't just have a shopping list from our mom)
 (Hannah and I look at each other for a moment and a secret look passes between us "do we look that old!?")

Us: "No, we are sisters".
Him "Okay, I was going to say y'all looked awful young".
(And then he precedes to ask how many siblings do you have, are you Amish (seeing our skirts), are your parents going to have more kids....etc.)

2.) Driving down the road and you, your sister, and your brother start purposely singing off key and then two other sibling join in, and your Mom starts laughing because we sound SO bad, and then our Dad joins in which makes Mom laugh so hard she starts to cry.


This handsome man!!! :) 

The Prairie Dance in under 3 weeks!!!! :)

Ruth's Awkward:

We girls went shopping and stopped to get gas. I jumped out of the van to pay and pump the gas and when I got back in Hannah and Sarah were staring at me.
Me; Whhaatt...?
Them: Did you see those boys in that fancy truck?
Me: What boys?
Them: There were a gang of boys in a truck and as they passed in front of us one of them was staring and glancing at us and laughing, and then ALL of them were staring, glancing, and laughing!
Me: :O

I was telling Joshua about babysitting and the two year old I babysit having diarrhea all over the floor...... and himself....... and everything he touched and then telling me how he needs to go wash his hands (which just smears it more). AND Joshua starts laughing! I was like why is that so funny? Joshua: "It's not, but it is just hilarious how he says 'I need to wash my hands' like that was going to fix it all!"
Me: .......
(kids are worth the mess though. :) )


Babysitting this guy!! (Is it possible to die from cuteness??)

When you accidentally stay up until 2 am talking with your sisters. Just because.

The BEAUTIFUL fall weather we are having here!!! :)

Sarah's awkwards:

Riding in a car with your sisters and listening to music. At the most epic part of the song slamming your fist down on the dashboard and (our van has a perfect CD player!) the music stops! So after some very confused glances and bursts of giggles I slammed my fist and the music started again. Awkward...

When you are helping your sister with taking pictures. The photographer (AKA sister) was trying to get a picture of a silhouette of a girl with her hair flowing behind her, but there was no wind that day.......So I became the wind.... You may now picture me outside with an extension cord, a box fan, and a blow dryer.....


When someone says: "You are 14 right, Sarah? Me: No, I am 12. Someone: REALLY?? You act so mature like you are 16 or something. Me: :D

Watching THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for the first time!!!! :) :) :) :)

What has been awkward and awesome with you?

Have a great day! 

~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Friday, August 8, 2014

Awkward and Awesome with Ruth.


Talking to your sisters and then pretending to do a "your did not just say that" face slam into a wood cabinet and then accidentally actually smashing your face into that wood cabinet. :/

Little boy: Are you pregnant?
Me: :O No. ... No I am not. 

Running out to the mailbox with miss matched clothing on (because our road does not have very much traffic) before the mailman came with the mail, and getting all the way to the end of the driveway just in time for the traffic (it was like a funeral procession!!) go by. Awkward.


Random little boy: You look nice.
Me. Aww! Thank you! 
Him: Look how tall I am! I am nine, how old are you?
Me: um.....


Piano. 'nough said. :)

Seeing my best friend today!!

The Prairie Dance coming up in October!!!

Babysitting a newborn baby!!
He was SO cute! :)

This Project!
Can't wait to try it! 
(NOT with Texas though!! ) ;)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Awkward and Awesome with Hannah.


One of my coworkers said a BF makes everything better. Another one of my coworkers responded that she did not have a BF. I, thinking they were meaning BF means best friends, said that everyone has a BF. I turned around and everyone was laughing at me. I was like what are you laughing at? Finally one of them said we meant boyfriend, Hannah. Awkward...

After I got done explaining that I had graduated early I was asked, "What do you do whenever you are not working?" I was thinking, "Seriously? Just because I have graduated and I am not going to college it does not mean I have nothing to do."

Seeing someone I barely know and hoping they do not recognize me and... what do you know that is exactly what happens. 

The other day I got asked, "Do you parents make you wear skirts or do you choose to?" I was like, "Yes, that is exactly what my parents do. They force me to wear skirts. Can't you see they have tied my hands behind my back. If I don't wear skirts I miss out on dinner."=D

I get asked all the time what I am going to do with my life. I am always like umm.... I want to be a stay-at-home-mom. One girl I told that said "Really!!! Are you engaged?" 


That moment when you are talking to a friend about something you are really passionate about and they are on the EXACT same page! Love it when that happens because it does not happen often enough.

The last Hobbit coming out!! Can not wait for that!!

Going to see our best friend tomorrow!

Going to visit our great Aunt and Uncle next week. They live on a lake and own a boat! It is going to be AWESOME!

Finally finishing a project that I have only been working on for the past 6 months. I was so excited when I finished it!!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Awkward + Awesome with Ruth.


Talking to a teenager about magic in movies and how you love the Lord of The Rings, and him answering "I've never watched The Lord of the Rings", as you stare at him in horror....

 Driving the car to meet someone, getting out of the car and the guy (dead serious) asks you, "are you old enough to drive?" :/

Having someone tell you that you have huge biceps and you are like thhhaannnkkssss! (that is exactly what every teenage girl wants to hear. :p

When someone thinks your sister is older then you. (She is 3 years younger). :o


Driving for 4+ hours a day.....4 days in a row! Score!

So many people entering our giveaway! :)

Fishing for the first time this year!!

This sister picture. :)
(we were stopped :) )

Okay, that's enough awkward and awesome for today! 

Hope y'all have a great day! :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome with Ruth


- Blowing your nose and your mom saying to your dad "She blows her nose just like you do! Nobody blows their nose like you do. It is SO weird!!". And your like whhaaa?

 - A boy asking you to dance and you are so surprised/excited that you mumble out some sort of stupid acceptance and than mentally kick yourself the whole time you dance with him. :/

 - Waking up and realizing you don't have your alarm clock (AKA cell phone) by your bedside (I am on the top bunk) looking around panicked (that I would sleep in and not get up and get ready for work) getting down from the top bunk (thinking it had fallen) looking under the mattress and bed just to realize that you had been holding your cell phone THE WHOLE TIME using it for light!! In my defence people, I was half asleep! :)

 - *Note: not a day I had to work* Accidentally sleeping in until 9 A.M and your Mom greeting you with a cheerful "good afternoon".

 - Going to work unexpectedly on a day you don't normally work (before your siblings are awake). Getting back at noon and calling out "I'm home!" and your siblings ask "where did you go?" And your like "What? you didn't even notice I was gone??"


 - Driving on the highway for the first time! 70 mph is totally awesome!

 - Garden planting time.

 - Getting a paycheck. :)

 -  THOR 2!!!!!!

 -Friends letting us borrow Tim Hawkins dvd! (Thanks Taylor and Evan!) :)

Okay, y'all, have a great day!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Awkward and Awesome with Sarah.


- Your best friends coming over and you having curlers in your hair.

- Dancing at a ball and the boning in your hoop coming out.

I'm not an awkward person..... :) Really..... ;)


 - Going to your first historical dance with your best friends!! :)

 - Kittens.....!

 - Getting a camera.

 - Cheesecake!!

 - The delightfully warm weather we have been having!



Monday, February 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome by Hannah


- Launching into a big long story and getting all the way to the end and a sibling says, "You already told me that."

- I really have to go pee but I am in the middle of something so I start a pee dance and Mom gives me a weird look and says, "If you have to go pee.... GO!!"

- Running out to town with a coat over my pajamas for some emergency dinner items, and it being the ONE TIME I run into someone I know.....

- Asking someone "What" three times and still not understanding what they said, so you smile and nod.

- Someone tells a joke that isn't funny then they laugh hysterically and you are not sure what to do.

- Randomly doing an evil laugh and a sister doing a slightly louder evil laugh back and starting an evil laugh war.


- Watching  a movie I haven't watched since I was a toddler and having a lot of good old memories.

- Having a several hour long board game playing marathon on the weekend with my sisters and still wanting to play more.

- Driving home and noticing a doe sitting in the snowy woods having a moment of peace in a hectic world.

- Drinking a cup of coffee with my family on a cold winter day.

- Getting REALLY excited when Dad gets a day off.

- Coming into the girls room and seeing a cat sitting on my bed wanting some attention.



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Awkward and Awesome by Ruth.


- Learning to drive, and your Mom reminds you to wear your seat belt, and you still forget.......three days in a row.

- Looking for something at Hobby Lobby, and notice an employee to ask, tell your sister and your friend you aren't too afraid to ask, chase after him, then lose your nerve.

- Meeting a new family at church and Mom immediately starts teasing me about the boy my age.

- Having your goat take off and grab at her and practically ride her back to the barn.

- Getting all your sister's presents out before she gets home from work, and then having her walk in on you.

-Seeing a car you think you recognize drive by and start waving like crazy just to realize it IS NOT someone you know.

- At a stop light with my sister and have some random guy next to me stick half his body out his window waving and smiling at me.


- Eating at Cici's late at night with best friends!

- Going into your room to find the heaters were left on all day, and your room is toasty warm.

- Making ten snowmen in the front yard with siblings.

- Finishing school before noon!

-Hanging out with sisters and best friends!

-Talking with my brother (who is in college) for an hour and fifteen minutes!