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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

......I said YES!!!....

Yes, that blog title is correct! 
Sean-Paul proposed....I said yes!!!

Friday was Sean-Paul's birthday and he invited me to spend the day with him and his family at his house. Around 7 that evening my family arrived to open presents and share cake. :) :) 
Sean-Paul suddenly stood up and took my hand and talked about what a change in his life he has had since I entered his life looked at me and said: "Hannah, I have a question for you"
And he knelt down and asked me to marry him!! 

He really surprised me, but I didn't need to think twice before I answered! "Yes, yes I will!"

I feel so honored that he wants me to be the one to spend the rest of his life with. He is such an amazing guy I know I don't deserve him. 

Lord has really been working in our lives though. Our relationship has drawn us closer to God. My personal walk with Christ has grown by leaps and bounds. God has really taught me to have a deep trust in Him. The things that worry me and the fears I have for the future are things I can take to God with a confidence that He will bear me through them all.

Sean-Paul and I are very excited! 
God is good! He blesses me above and beyond what I deserve.

Have a great night! 
~Hannah Keller~