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Monday, August 4, 2014

Random pictures.....

We three girls went vintage shopping for the Prairie Dance, and Sarah tried this dress on. :) 
Very poor quality picture, but this dress is actually a very pretty shade of pink.... :)
Unfortunately it wasn't her favorite dress so we didn't get it.

Our baby kittens are getting SO big! 
This is Ivan :)

LOL. :) A deal we snagged so Jonathan could have a costume to play in around the house. ;) 
He is putting on his "just got arrested not happy about it" face. ;)

Creepy...... lol
Ruth was reading a book on the table and looked up to this....

Hannah's finished project.
She had so much fun crocheting this! 


Shelling peas! 

Jonathan's rabbit, James.



Another kitten, Fern.

Joel's outfit for the Prairie Dance! 
He is taking his wonderful fiancee, Lizzy, to the dance! :)

Have a great night! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Sunday, January 12, 2014


"Hello all our 'millions' of fans!"
(Quote from the AWESOME Martha movies)
We know, we haven't posted in FOR.......EVER!!
We hope y'all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

Life has been SO busy!
Here are a *few* pictures....
The boys came home from college!
All the kids, but Ruth, who was taking the picture.
Here is the baby girl.... Heidi! =D
Hannah and Heidi.
Ruth and Heidi.
Sarah and Heidi.

Ruth got her braces off!!!!!!

Before, during, and after.



Abigail being CRAZY! ;)


Sarah made this.. clay?... person. =D

Our cat, Oreo, fully enjoying a couch!

Abigail and I. =D

This is the new stray, Agnes.

Mia and Ruth, =D

Sarah's and Ruth's sewing project!!
Sarah made this for her best friend, and she had the greatest time sewing and personalizing the doll!!

Honey and Agnes.


Abigail's beautiful hair!

The four of us and Mia. =D


Someone got caught with her hand in the cookie jar..... Just Kidding. =D
 Brothers. =D
Us. =D
Have a great day and God bless!! =D
~The Keller Girls~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A post in when the Keller Girls ramble about crafts and such.


Hello Followers!
Today we will post about crafts (basically) =D
This is a crochet blanket that Hannah made to go over our rocking chair!
Teddy Bears with bow ties! =D

The whole blanket.
(Sorry for the BAD quality!) We don't have a camera anymore, so our tracfones will have to do.
Sarah got her hair curled last Sunday.
You can't really see it, but she was PRETTY!!!

From the front.

Now this may sound odd, but this is the first skirt we have ever made without help!
When we lived out of state, we met the SWEETEST lady (that we now call Nana) who taught us (in the last two months we had in that town) to sew! We made several skirts, but most of them we outgrew quickly, and forgot how to make!
Well, Hannah and Ruth were in Walmart three weeks ago, and  found this VERY pretty tiered skirt pattern. We elected to try it. Three years ago Daddy bought us 4 yards of denim in hopes that when we learned how to sew we would make a denim skirt!
So we cut, Ruth scanned over the directions (skipped a few steps and altered the rest lol) and three days later we were looking at this VERY full, not very heavy, denim skirt! (That we love already!)
AND we used this incredibly easy way to gather!
Needless to say we always fight never fight over who gets to wear it!

This is a quilt we made for our cousin who is due in January!



And last--
Dad and Mom celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary two weeks ago.
Now normally we would make them a romantic dinner at home, but since our two older brothers are away at college, no one wanted to do it because the boys made most of the fun in setting it up!
 So instead we got Dad and Mom this collage! We don't have a-lot of pictures at our house, so this is special! It is hard to see, but Top L to R: Joel, Hannah, Ruth, Dad and Mom, and Joshua; Middle: Far right: Our house. Bottom: Sarah, Jeremy, our whole family, Abigail, and Jonathan.

Mom's and Dad's anniversary last year.
Mom and Joshua
The setup. 
(Hannah, Ruth, Joel, and Sarah's design)
Food- Steak (Made by Joel), Carrots and Asparagus (By Ruth)

Hope y'all enjoyed the ramble!
God Bless!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~