Monday, August 4, 2014

Random pictures.....

We three girls went vintage shopping for the Prairie Dance, and Sarah tried this dress on. :) 
Very poor quality picture, but this dress is actually a very pretty shade of pink.... :)
Unfortunately it wasn't her favorite dress so we didn't get it.

Our baby kittens are getting SO big! 
This is Ivan :)

LOL. :) A deal we snagged so Jonathan could have a costume to play in around the house. ;) 
He is putting on his "just got arrested not happy about it" face. ;)

Creepy...... lol
Ruth was reading a book on the table and looked up to this....

Hannah's finished project.
She had so much fun crocheting this! 


Shelling peas! 

Jonathan's rabbit, James.



Another kitten, Fern.

Joel's outfit for the Prairie Dance! 
He is taking his wonderful fiancee, Lizzy, to the dance! :)

Have a great night! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


  1. Your kittens are so cute! Our kittens are getting big too and are at that really cute playful stage right now.:) Ours get there pictures taken a lot. I think I probably took their pictures like 100 times last week.:) Aren't kittens just the sweetest things?

    1. Awww!! We saw a few pictures of them on your Mom's blog. They are ADORABLE!!! We know, right? Our camera and phones have at least 50 pictures of the kittens to each device!! :) They are so cute that they just need a *few* pictures. :) So are y'all planning on keeping any of y'alls? :)