Saturday, February 8, 2014

Awkward and Awesome by Ruth.


- Learning to drive, and your Mom reminds you to wear your seat belt, and you still forget.......three days in a row.

- Looking for something at Hobby Lobby, and notice an employee to ask, tell your sister and your friend you aren't too afraid to ask, chase after him, then lose your nerve.

- Meeting a new family at church and Mom immediately starts teasing me about the boy my age.

- Having your goat take off and grab at her and practically ride her back to the barn.

- Getting all your sister's presents out before she gets home from work, and then having her walk in on you.

-Seeing a car you think you recognize drive by and start waving like crazy just to realize it IS NOT someone you know.

- At a stop light with my sister and have some random guy next to me stick half his body out his window waving and smiling at me.


- Eating at Cici's late at night with best friends!

- Going into your room to find the heaters were left on all day, and your room is toasty warm.

- Making ten snowmen in the front yard with siblings.

- Finishing school before noon!

-Hanging out with sisters and best friends!

-Talking with my brother (who is in college) for an hour and fifteen minutes!



  1. Haha! Those awkwards made me laugh! =) I can totally relate to some of them! I enjoyed reading this! =)


  2. Hehee, love the awkward moments :D And the boy you're Mom's teasing you about, happens ALL THE TIME with my Mom, kind of annoying :D I guess that's what Mom's do :P Love the awesome too! Want to do this now on my blog!