Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random :)

Granny chowing down. ;)
The beautiful sunset!


Lady :)
Ruth's shadow. :)
Ruth's chore buddy.

This is our brother, Joshua's AWESOME drawing of Joel's girlfriend as a mythical creature.
Joshua's friend as a troll! LOL!!
He is pretty good at drawing, yes?
Ruth with Heidi and "Aggie"
The most adorable pooch in the world, Mia!!!
She has a rough life ;)
A nice Goodwill find!!!!! It is near impossible to find good modest, LONG dresses anymore! :(
Front view.
Recent purchase, a fan!
Oreo in a bag.
Hannah found this huge poster at Hobby Lobby.
So on Sunday the three of us colored it!
Sarah, Abigail, and Hannah.
Sarah and Hannah
Sarah hanging our with Lady.

Yes, Hannah looks awful, she got her wisdom teeth pulled :(

Sarah pretending to be a dwarf, and Abigail. :)

Abigail's hair. We have been experimenting for the Civil War Ball!!!!!
Hannah, feeling much better after getting her wisdom teeth pulled Thursday! UGH!
The three of us. Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah.
Have an awesome day!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


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