Monday, March 10, 2014

Awkward and Awesome with Ruth


- Blowing your nose and your mom saying to your dad "She blows her nose just like you do! Nobody blows their nose like you do. It is SO weird!!". And your like whhaaa?

 - A boy asking you to dance and you are so surprised/excited that you mumble out some sort of stupid acceptance and than mentally kick yourself the whole time you dance with him. :/

 - Waking up and realizing you don't have your alarm clock (AKA cell phone) by your bedside (I am on the top bunk) looking around panicked (that I would sleep in and not get up and get ready for work) getting down from the top bunk (thinking it had fallen) looking under the mattress and bed just to realize that you had been holding your cell phone THE WHOLE TIME using it for light!! In my defence people, I was half asleep! :)

 - *Note: not a day I had to work* Accidentally sleeping in until 9 A.M and your Mom greeting you with a cheerful "good afternoon".

 - Going to work unexpectedly on a day you don't normally work (before your siblings are awake). Getting back at noon and calling out "I'm home!" and your siblings ask "where did you go?" And your like "What? you didn't even notice I was gone??"


 - Driving on the highway for the first time! 70 mph is totally awesome!

 - Garden planting time.

 - Getting a paycheck. :)

 -  THOR 2!!!!!!

 -Friends letting us borrow Tim Hawkins dvd! (Thanks Taylor and Evan!) :)

Okay, y'all, have a great day!



  1. I can totally relate to that dancing one. The first time a guy asked me to dance, was New Year's Eve of last year, and I was so shocked I was like, "Oh, umm....sure." Not very elegant or graceful! hehe! I enjoyed reading this. =)