Sunday, March 16, 2014


Selfie  :)
Sarah, Abigail, and Ruth. (Hannah was at work)

Sarah and Abigail

Beautiful sunset!
Way out here in the country our coffee holder is duct tape.
*Fist pump* LOL!
Just kidding! Someone was playing around with how we are considered "redneck", so this is staged! :)

Cookies for church. Well, they were supposed to be for church ;)

Here is one of Nebula's kittens, Babe. :)

Peanut, Smokey, Babe, and Suzy.

Here is our other cat who just had kittens!
She has four, one girl and three boys.
Cream, Tucker, Silver, and Crystal.

Here is Babe.


AND what do you think?
When we got back from the Civil War Ball, we REALLY wanted to make our own Civil War dresses! We contacted the nice, young lady who organized the ball and asked her for her pattern.
It was super easy to make and Sarah loved it!
We should have the pictures from the Civil War Ball coming in this week, and then we will get them up here.
Have a great night y'all!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


  1. Oh that dress you girls made is gorgeous! How long did it take to make it?

    Aaaahhh! I want one of those precious kittens! They are sooooo adorable! <333


    1. Thank you! About an hour and a half, and it cost us about $15!!! We still need to work out a few things on the skirt and maybe add a black strip on the bottom to hide the stitches, but we are SO excited! :)

      Awww! Thanks! :)