Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello all!
We have had quite a busy week! Last weekend Dad took us to the beach! That was fun!
Our dog Emilie is pregnant again!! =D =D! She is due October 16th!
Our Nana (Mom's mother) is coming to visit us tomorrow, she doesn't know the Lord, so could y'all pray for her, please?
We have been enjoying LOVELY cool weather! It is perfect for hikes in the woods, long bike rides, and runs with our dogs!
This is probably the ONLY time you will see Justin Bieber on our blog! =D

Our older brothers and we made this movie today.
What do you think?
Random! =D
Have a GREAT day and God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~


  1. haha that's so great. =D At first when I saw the pic on my dashboard I was like "what on earth?!" And then I realized it was one of those funny things and I was like "Oooohhhh". :)

    1. Bahahahaha!! That is what Ruth said! "Uh, Hannah and Sarah, no one is going to look at our blog now! =D =D
      God Bless!

    2. Yep, I admit that when I saw that picture on my dashboard, I thought - "Man, something weird's going on here." And then (like Storyteller) I saw that it was one of those funny things.

  2. I love the cooler weather, too! It's the perfect time to be getting into hot apple cider! :)

    By the way, I love your new header. Although, I did notice it kinda got cut off. I had this problem with my header a lot when I first started blogging, but then discovered that when you click on "Shrink to size" when you upload the picture, blogger will automatically make the picture the same size as your blog so no part of the picture gets cut off.

    God bless!
    Kiri Liz

    1. Hi!

      Yum! Have you ever made apple cider from scratch?

      Thanks for telling us how to fix this! We were thinking we would have to get rid of it! We think we fixed it! Thanks so much!
      God Bless!

  3. We're loving the cool weather around here, too! :) So nice. I'm ready for fall!

    Lol, I totally agree with you on Justin Bieber. :P Just another reason I'm proud to be an American!

    I couldn't get the video to show up, but hopefully I'll be able to watch it sometime. :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  4. Well all of us girls must really love Fall! :) I agree 100% about Justin Bieber so great!

    I couldn't get the video to show up, but hopefully I'll be able to watch it sometime. :)

    Have a great day and God bless


    1. We may have to reload the video! Thanks for telling us!
      Have a great day!

    2. Yeah, I couldn't get the video to load either. :-( Must be a problem with Blogger.

  5. I'm praying for your Nana. May she come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    YAY! I echoe that Justin Bieber pic, but annoyingly, I'm Australian. So... I'm proud to be an Australian... Because Justin Bieber's Canadian.

  6. Hi!
    Thanks Jemimah! =D
    Have a great day and God Bless!
    ~The Keller Girls ~

  7. The Justin Bieber true. :)