Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too Long!

So sorry we haven't wrote on our blog! We have been so busy!

Two of our brothers had birthdays, Nana came to visit for the week, and we are getting ready to move! We also don't have internet until Dad gets home from work.

The weather has been quite warm lately, We have been down swimming at the river five or six times this week!

We are teaching our puppy Meg, to sit, give us five, give us high five, sit down, fetch, and kiss! She is the smartest puppy ever!
We have also enrolled in a summer reading program at our library!

On the Fourth of July we are riding on our church float in the Independence Day Parade!

This is a very interesting website! Please visit it! We have helped in fighting taxes with this group before.
WELCOME TO OBAMACARE!!!! ARRRG!!! EVERYDAY Obama does somthing to make us more and MORE angry at him! Stand up for your country!!!!

God Bless!
~The (concerned) Keller Girls~

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank you, Daddy!

Thank you Daddy for everything!

Daddy is our super hero.
Special times we have had with Dad.

 1.) Hiking with him.
2.) Apple sauce on bed with Daddy.
3.) Sharing big pots of macaroni.
4.) Gardening.
5.) Going to work with him.
6.) Daddy combing our hair after baths.
7.) Being thrown in the air and caught again.
8.)  Playing piano to our delight.
9.)  Getting to sit next to Dad.
10.) Swimming on Daddy's back.
11.)  Laughing as Dad tells us stories in bed.
12.) Dad telling us, "That dress looks beautiful on you" or "Your hair looks beautiful that way".
13.) Dad telling Mom, "Aren't the girls talented?".
14.) Dad hugging us as soon as he gets home from work.
15.) Reading us books.
16.) Daddy making dinner with us.
17.) Bringing a new pet home.
18.) Dad talking about spiritual things with us.
19.) Playing Monopoly and Skip-BO with us.
20.) Talking about his parents and telling stories of him and his friends.
Thanks Dad for being Dad!

We love you Daddy! Happy Fathers Day!

~Your Daughters~

Friday, June 8, 2012


Hello all!
Sorry this took soooo long to get these pictures up!
This is us Memorial Day weekend!

Joel, Hannah, and  Sarah
Playing uno!

Ruth, Joel, Abigail, Hannah and Sarah

Abigail- enjoying "Breafick"
That is watch she has called it since she was a baby!

The BEAUTIFUL fire Joel got going!

Your bloggers!
Hannah, Ruth and Sarah

Our brothers
Jeremy, Jonathan and Joel

Abigail and Joel

A snapshot Ruth caught!

An interesting tree!

The Beautiful trail.


                                                               Finally! Water!

                                                                   Time for a swim!

                                                                Dad took this picture!
                                                                Abigail, eating a chip.

God Bless you all!

~The Keller Girls~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Puppies!

Here are the puppies as promised!

                                                                 Rollie and Captain

                                                                   We are sleeping.

Emilie and her puppies:     

What? I can't help having puppies!

Dixie: (we also kept her)

Wow! You are awful close!

Nutmeg and Blizzard:

And then.......

Nutmeg: (we kept her)
What? I am just irrastable


Nobody liked me!


It won't stop itching!!

Should I take a run for it??


This is my all day face.

God Bless!
~The Keller Girls~

Versatile blogger award!

This computer can't do the "Versatile blogger award" at all! It is so weird! It won't even let us type it! Here are some things about us though!
Thank you for picking us
Leah Nicolette at  The Sweetest Charm

1.) I hate bananas!
2.) I work with cows and love them!
3.) I have four scars.
4.) I am a knitter.
5.) I have braces for another nine months.
6.) I always go barefooted when I can. ( If not, sandals are the next best thing)
7.) Dogs mean the world to me!

1.) I am a type 1 diabetic.
2.) I have never worn pants in my entire life.
3.) I play piano by ear.
4.) I have always wanted long hair.
5.) Cats are my life.
6.) Politics is my thing!
7.) I have THE BEST Daddy in the whole world! (And none of you have a better one! ;) Lol

1.) I LOVE mint chocolate ice-cream!
2.) My favorite color is PURPLE!
3.) My favorite sport is baseball!
4.) Horses is my FAVORITE animal.
5.) Pineapple is my favorite fruit!
6.) My favorite dine-in restaurant is Golden Corral
7.) I want to be a stay at home Mom and farmer when I grow up.

Thank you Leah!

~The Keller Girls~
Hannah Ruth
Ruth Anne
Sarah Christiana

Goodbye Cream ;(

Cream, a cat we have had for over eight years, was hit by a car this afternoon! :( We will miss you Cream!

(On left)