Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank you, Daddy!

Thank you Daddy for everything!

Daddy is our super hero.
Special times we have had with Dad.

 1.) Hiking with him.
2.) Apple sauce on bed with Daddy.
3.) Sharing big pots of macaroni.
4.) Gardening.
5.) Going to work with him.
6.) Daddy combing our hair after baths.
7.) Being thrown in the air and caught again.
8.)  Playing piano to our delight.
9.)  Getting to sit next to Dad.
10.) Swimming on Daddy's back.
11.)  Laughing as Dad tells us stories in bed.
12.) Dad telling us, "That dress looks beautiful on you" or "Your hair looks beautiful that way".
13.) Dad telling Mom, "Aren't the girls talented?".
14.) Dad hugging us as soon as he gets home from work.
15.) Reading us books.
16.) Daddy making dinner with us.
17.) Bringing a new pet home.
18.) Dad talking about spiritual things with us.
19.) Playing Monopoly and Skip-BO with us.
20.) Talking about his parents and telling stories of him and his friends.
Thanks Dad for being Dad!

We love you Daddy! Happy Fathers Day!

~Your Daughters~

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