Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too Long!

So sorry we haven't wrote on our blog! We have been so busy!

Two of our brothers had birthdays, Nana came to visit for the week, and we are getting ready to move! We also don't have internet until Dad gets home from work.

The weather has been quite warm lately, We have been down swimming at the river five or six times this week!

We are teaching our puppy Meg, to sit, give us five, give us high five, sit down, fetch, and kiss! She is the smartest puppy ever!
We have also enrolled in a summer reading program at our library!

On the Fourth of July we are riding on our church float in the Independence Day Parade!

This is a very interesting website! Please visit it! We have helped in fighting taxes with this group before.
WELCOME TO OBAMACARE!!!! ARRRG!!! EVERYDAY Obama does somthing to make us more and MORE angry at him! Stand up for your country!!!!

God Bless!
~The (concerned) Keller Girls~

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