Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Versatile blogger award!

This computer can't do the "Versatile blogger award" at all! It is so weird! It won't even let us type it! Here are some things about us though!
Thank you for picking us
Leah Nicolette at  The Sweetest Charm

1.) I hate bananas!
2.) I work with cows and love them!
3.) I have four scars.
4.) I am a knitter.
5.) I have braces for another nine months.
6.) I always go barefooted when I can. ( If not, sandals are the next best thing)
7.) Dogs mean the world to me!

1.) I am a type 1 diabetic.
2.) I have never worn pants in my entire life.
3.) I play piano by ear.
4.) I have always wanted long hair.
5.) Cats are my life.
6.) Politics is my thing!
7.) I have THE BEST Daddy in the whole world! (And none of you have a better one! ;) Lol

1.) I LOVE mint chocolate ice-cream!
2.) My favorite color is PURPLE!
3.) My favorite sport is baseball!
4.) Horses is my FAVORITE animal.
5.) Pineapple is my favorite fruit!
6.) My favorite dine-in restaurant is Golden Corral
7.) I want to be a stay at home Mom and farmer when I grow up.

Thank you Leah!

~The Keller Girls~
Hannah Ruth
Ruth Anne
Sarah Christiana

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