Tuesday, May 8, 2012


(We thought we had posted this!) (Written May 5th)

 Hello! We are terrible bloggers! :/ Life has been so busy! Well, Emilie (our dog) has had another litter of puppies on March 23! She had six puppies, two girls and four boys! I will try to post pictures a little later! Well, Wednesday, I (Ruth) went to take Emilie for our normal walk to the Post Office and she was lying by the woodpile and she couldn't move and she was panting, and drooling! I went inside to get Sarah and Hannah,. Hannah picked Emilie up and hosed her down (thinking maybe she was too hot) we brought her inside and her legs were as straight and tight as bowstrings! We called our uncle (who is a Vet) and he said maybe it was a snake bite, but we didn't see any marks. Mom called the boys (our older brothers) and Dad. The boys came home to look at Emilie and Joel (He LOVES dogs!) looked over her and found fang marks on her legs! It was either a rattlesnake or a copperhead. We thought Emilie would die! After dinner Emilie started to look better and her legs relaxed. Thursday Emilie seemed fine! Emilie will probably always limp now. Thursday (May 3rd) was Jeremy's twelfth birthday! Joshua and Hannah had Orthodontics appointments Thursday, so everyone went out to town, we got out at the Wal-mart and gave away the four boy puppies! We kept the girls Dixie, and Nutmeg (or Meg for short)! On Sunday our youngest brother Jonathan is getting baptized!!! Our Nana is here from Virginia for the baptism! We will be moving again for Dad's job this time to North Carolina! Well, I think we are up to date, and Lord willing we will post more frequently!

God Bless!
~Hannah, Ruth and Sarah~

"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God IS love"

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