Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rabbits!! :)


Hey y'all! :)
So we got rabbits!
(Weeks ago) lol :o

Hannah and her rabbit Anna

Jonathan's rabbit (male) Filly.
Abigail and Anna ( with Agnes stealing into the picture ;) )

Jonathan's other rabbit Elsa.
Have a great day!
~The Keller Girls~


  1. Those are really pretty! My younger brother Bear is planning to get rabbits pretty soon, he says New Zealand and California 49'rs. I don't know anything about rabbits. I'm lobbying for chickens. They can't bite, and they're of a naturally sweeter disposition. Particularly Cochins.

    1. Well, you can tell him that New Zealands are pretty awesome! (The white rabbit, Anna is a half grown New Zealand) (Nevermind that the bucks get bigger than the does!!) We have 6 male New Zealands that weigh between 12-15lbs each, that we are going to slaughter next week. (We are keeping the does (of course) ) We have never eaten rabbit, but it is an experience that we can not wait to try!!! :) Can you tell we live in the country?? LOL ;p

      Chickens are awesome too! We had them for several years, but don't have them anymore. They are a fun experience! :)

    2. Rabbit tastes good. I shot one with a Red ryder when I was ten, Grandaddy skinned it and we ate it while watching the elections that night.By-the-bye, I tagged you girls for the Libester Award


  2. You girlie's have been awarded the sunflower blogger award.... ;)