Sunday, April 13, 2014

Politics and friends!

Here we are with some friends!
Left to Right:
Top row:
Jeremy (brother), Paul, Obadiah, Lauren, Sarah, Ruth, and Kendra.
Bottom Row:
Jonathan (brother), Nathan, and Micah.
We spent all day Saturday hanging out fliers for a local pastor that is running for State Rep.
We had so much fun!
It isn't hard to be involved in politics, and if you as a Christian are worried about Obamacare, abortion, etc. then YOU need to step up and get out and make change!
Pick someone who is running for office that you are willing to support and ask him/her if/how you can help them win!
YOU can make a change. YOU can help pass laws to END abortion!
Have a great day!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~



  1. Amen! Christians do have a responsibility when it comes to government, even if it's only possible to pray for our leaders in office. Thank you, girls, for the reminder!

    By the way, I've awarded you at Lianne Taimenlore! Please stop by!