Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We just watched Frozen!!!!
We were hesitant in watching it because we had heard several people say that it had bad magic it in.
It did have magic in it but so does Cinderella and Lord of the Rings. :)
We LOVED the movie!
The songs were pretty good too. :)
We were looking up some of the music from Frozen and found this!
Totally awesome (even though it is a lip sync). :)
Have a great day!
~The Keller Girls~


  1. That video is hilarious! I hope they weren't really driving... I would have been scared silly if I was the baby girlie in the back.:)
    I hadn't visited your blog in a while (I had been following on a different account and stopped using it) but it was sweet coming back over and seeing what you gals had been up to of late.:)

    1. Yeah, it would NOT be nice if they really were driving!
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting! :)

  2. You saw it?? Was it as awesome as everyone says it is?
    I have been hesitant to watch it too, because of the magic, but I believe that as we get older, as Christians, we can define right from wrong, and deal with it, if that makes sense?

    1. Hi! YES!! It was AWESOME!!! :) It is sorta like the magic in Tangled (if you watched that). You know, everyone knew there is no such thing as magic that can make you get younger and heal people. lol :) Yes, that makes sense! :) It was a movie that we really enjoyed! We liked how they made "true love" to sound so awesome and they should get married (Even after they had just met that morning!!) and then it turns out that maybe he wasn't such a great guy after all!

      'Cause love doesn't happen in an instance! lol! If that makes any sense! lol! :)

    2. Yes, I have seen Tangled!
      Yes that made sense - love doesn't happen in an instant. so true! a lot of movies I see portray love as a feeling… based on very unstable grounds, when it's not! it's something you do, as well as feel…
      haha, did that all make sense? =D

    3. YES!! It seems a-lot of movies are all about true love is that butterfly feeling you get when someone you like looks at you... ummm... no.. it's not. Love is more than that. lol :) Thank you! :)