Monday, October 21, 2013 pictures! (Old forgotten post....)

We were just going through our drafts and realized that this never posted.
(October post)
Life has been busy (what else is new?). =D
Here is a few pictures to sum it all up.
WARNING: Picture overload. =D
This picture doesn't begin to describe the sunset that night!
Neither does this one!

Yes, more kittens!
Mom went for a walk a few week ago, and found these five little kittens abandoned on our street.
They were COVERED in flea eggs and flea poop.
The one that you can barely see in the corner died just after we brought her home. :(
We named them: Girls: Mary, Laura, and Carrie. Guys: Fili and Kili
Left to Right:
Carrie, Fili, Laura, Mary, and Kili
We decided to keep one of them, and give three away, but the only one people wanted was Kili, so we ended up keeping Fili, Mary and Carrie.

Here is the "family" picture! =D Since we have a small farm most of the cats are outside, but we brought them in for a picture! =D
Left to Right:
Abigail; then all the cats: Windy, Nebula, Thomas, Mary, Fili, Oreo, Carrie, Misty, and Honey.
(Kitty is next to Abigail, but just out of the picture)

Here they all are again, but Kitty is in her too. =D 
Here are the "partners in crime" Carrie and Mary. We had to put a collar around Carrie, so we could tell them apart. They are identical!!
They are almost inseparable too!

Carrie and Mary.

Then we did a mini photo shoot of Hannah and Ruth


Hannah and Mia

Love this little booger!!! Abigail! <3


Hannah just got a job!! (Yay!) Hannah's work uniform!


Oreo watching Sarah play piano. =D

You gotta love farm fresh eggs! ;) Double yolk!

The kitten sisters! Windy in the box and Nebula on the puzzle pieces.

Then they shared the box!



Fili and Kili

Mary, Laura, and Carrie

Mary and Kili.

Fili, Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Kili.

Laura, Mary, and Kili

Windy and Thomas. They're so cute! =D

Windy curled up by Daddy!

Our brother Joel told us about this AWESOME music site!
All you have to do is put your name and e-mail, and it is totally free!
You can look up almost any music! It is so much fun!
It is called Spotify.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, (!!!!!) Celtic Violin.

Here are the partners in crime!
Carrie and Mary!
(No, the chair is not on top of her, she is just fluffy! :) )
There have been a few competitive games of Skip-bo in our house ;)



At our house we kids earn our Christmas money by picking up walnuts!
It is super fun, and the younger kids get an experience working for money.
This is our first load of 1300+ pounds.

Walnuts on the ground!

LOVE the smell of walnuts!!

More walnuts!

and more!

Abigail the "waitress"

Our Nana is visiting for the week, so we went out with her and our great-aunt and uncle for the day!
Sarah, Abigail, and Jonathan.




The three of us: Sarah, Hannah, Ruth.

 Sarah by the fountain.

Hannah by the fountain.

Pretty Nana by the fountain.

Sarah and Nana

Sarah, Nana, and Abigail. <3


Very neat rocks!


Ivy and rocks!


Ruth's purchase: Her birthstone, December. (sorry that it wasn't focusing!)


Neat stairs going up the side of a building.

SO cool!

Have a great week!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


  1. Awww, I love this post! I love seeing things about people's everyday lives. You girls are so pretty! =)

    Much love,