Monday, January 28, 2013

Brittney's contest.

Hello Followers!

We are entering Brittney Ann's header contest!
We had SO much fun doing this!
Thanks Brittney for having this! =D

Go enter her contest here.
(It ends in two days!!)
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


  1. I luv it!!! The fonts you used look great!

  2. Thank you ladies for the comment you left on my blog! I am now following yours.:) What a lovely blog!
    P.S. I was really blessed by your article about whether or not Christians can lose their salvation. My family and I firmly believe in eternal security, and it is always wonderful to meet other Christians who feel the same way.:)

  3. P.S. You asked where I live. I left a response to your comment on my blog, answering that.:)