Monday, January 28, 2013

40 Follower Giveaway!!

Hello Followers!
Here is our 40 follower giveaway!!
First Place gets to pick first
Second place gets to pick next 
third place gets whatever is left!
Handmade fuzzy scarf knitted by Hannah Keller:
Color- black
length- Approx. 52 inches.
Handmade By us three!
2 Hot pads:
Approx. 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches
And last but not least

                   -----  Storyteller will do a blog design!!!!-----

To Enter:
Must follow our blog.
Post about our giveaway on your blog and put our giveaway button on your blog.
Extra-  (if you have any of these)
Post on
Facebook, Twitter, Google+
(Leave a link so that we can check you did)
Comment below and tell us what you like about our blog and what you want to win and why.
Giveaway ends
February 4th!!!
(the winner will be decided by
Please enter!
God Bless!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


  1. I'm a proud follower of your blog! I love reading your blog because your posts are always fun and God-honoring. I've really enjoyed the comments we've shared, getting to know you and becoming friends even though I've never met you in real life. The black scarf is beautiful! And yes, I really like Storyteller's designs! :D

  2. Awesome giveaway girls!
    I follow you! =)

  3. I posted about it!-

  4. I like your blog because you post interesting posts and I like the ones where you talk about true stuff going on in the world. And you girls are sweet!

  5. I would like to win the Handmade fuzzy scarf or Hot pads!! =D

  6. I became a follower and will put your button up later. I would LOVE to win the scarf.

  7. I posted it on my blog.

  8. I follow your blog. I blogged about it. My blog is private but I will send you a invite if you will e-mail me your e-mail address. My e-mail is if you would like to see it.
    I would love to win the scarf. I found your blog recently and I really have been enjoying it.:)

    1. Hello Salinn!
      Thank you for following our blog and entering our giveaway!
      We are glad you enjoy reading our blog!
      ~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~