Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hannah's first car + Civil War outfit + baby rabbits + misc....

Hannah bought herself her first car!
She loves it!! :)

Sarah in her Civil War outfit!! :)


Ruth with the cuties! :)


Reggie does not look happy! lol ;)

They are such goobers! ;)
Jonathan's rabbit, Elsa had babies on Wednesday!
Sarah and Dursty
Sarah and Onna

Two of Jonathan's baby rabbits.
They are going to be speckled like their daddy!! :)

Jonathan and Laurel

Jonathan and Filly.
Ruth driving.

Our HUGE cauliflower in the garden!


Another snap of Hannah and her car.

Those eyes!!
Edith! <3
Hahahaha!! LOVE this shirt.
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~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah~


  1. How exciting that you got your first car Hannah! It looks nice.:) I'm sure you are loving it.
    Your Civil war outfit is beautiful Sarah.
    The kittens are adorable.
    What a fun update.:) Hope the three of you are having a wonderful Lord's day.

  2. Congrats Hannah! Now, you need a six inch lift, 20" rims, crawler tires, a huge brush guard, KC lights- oh, and probably some money to pay for all that too XD. Sarah your dress looks cute I have to show that to my sister she'd like it.

    1. LOL!!!!! :) Now THAT would be one awesome car!! :)

  3. Aww! Those little rabbits are adorable and wonderful...
    Hahaha...that t-shirt is awesome!
    Tane ♥

  4. That shirt... I love it! My mom should get it; although she doesn't have a fondness for printed tees, that one is too good to pass up!:)
    Oh, and your bunnies are too cute for this world! (a family expression) We used to raise them too, but rabbits are amazing reproducers, so eventually we had to sell them to someone who could keep up with baby care better than we could:)

    Hannah, don't know what happened to your comment, but we found it off gmail. Weird! lol :)
    Hoping you girls are having a wonderful day!

    Awesome! Yes! Rabbits are great! :) Thank you!

    1. Wow, that is weird! Hmmm...
      But, looking forward to the results of the giveaway! Hopefully this one will show up where it is supposed to.:)

  5. Haha love the t shirt. I probably have to buy one in 4 or so years. ;)

    Love the civil war dress Sarah! Totally cute!

    Proud of you getting your Jeep Hannah!