Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life in pictures.


Hello y'all! =D
We have been lacking on our posting.... =D
WARNING: Picture overload!!!!
Here are a *few* pictures from the past month.
Needless to say we love the goats!
Granny, Ruth, and Lady.



Ruth and Lady.


Stare contest between Windy and Lady.
(Lady won) =D




This is a stray tom that we ummm.... named......
Itchy (Don't ask)

Here is a stray that we took in.
Sarah and Thomas.
(He is SOOOO sweet!)
As soon as you leave the room he gets worried, and immediately tries to
find someone! The poor guy!

Sarah and Thomas. 



Ruth penned this for Sarah. Cute!



Two weeks ago, Ruth got a call from our brother, Joel.
This little sweetheart had gotten dropped off at a mall where Joel works.
Well, we couldn't just leave her there, right?
She has wormed her way into our hearts, and has clawed her way into our face. =D
She loves to play! =D
Meet Oreo.
She has THE BIGGEST eyes ever!
Hide and seek.

Scratch the nose!!!

Thinking her strategy!


Yes, surprisingly she does sleep!

She has gotten attached to Nebula!
(Windy can't stand her!)
The kitten chain.
R to L.
Small kitten (Thomas), Smaller kitten (Windy), and Smallest kitten (Oreo) =D
(The one picture with both Windy and Oreo asleep together!)
Yes, we do craft! This is what our blog is named after, right?
A quilt for our cousin due in January!!!!!!!!

Okay, y'all are probably wondering- "What in the world is THAT???"
This is goat cheese!!!
This is the first time we have ever made it.
It is pretty neat, but we need to work on the recipe a little!!

Oreo must have fallen asleep mid-leap!

Out here in this state we have scorpions!
(Yes, in Arkansas!)
Luckily for our Mom, they aren't very poisonous.
(Their sting feels like a bee sting)
Our brothers found this one when they were cleaning up some trash at our house.
It is actually a big one for us!

This is Miss T.V. cat. =D
The "person" on the screen kept moving, sooooo.......

 She started playing with it! =D
Did we mention she is adorable!

We have been watching the first season of I Love Lucy!
Unrealistic, but HILARIOUS!!
It gets kinda addicting! =D
Well, that has been our life lately!
Our two older brother, Joshua and Joel, head off to a Christian college in just four days!!
They are going to be gone forever it seems!
We are going to miss them! Please pray for them as they get settled in!
Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures!
Have a great Lord's Day!!
God Bless y'all!
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~


  1. I awarded you!!!! Go grab you award here

    Have a great day and God bless


  2. Loved the pics! :)

    My cousin just left to go to a Christian college, so I know exactly how you feel. You miss 'em, but you're happy knowing that they're doing what God wants them to do.

    Oh, and I awarded you...