Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life is BUSY!

What? The Keller girls are still alive? Yes, we are still on planet earth! =D

We have been having a very busy month. =D (Which we will sum up with pictures)

Hannah and Ruth have gotten a part-time summer job working at a berry farm. We have been doing a-lot of witnessing! Yesterday we got two milk goats! (SUPER excited) One is a 3yr. La Mancha and the other is a 4yr. Saanen.




Here are the kitties:
Nebula (nicknamed Boo a-lot) and Windy

Honey, Misty, Nebula, and Windy

Sarah and Abigail by our garden.

Nebula and Windy




And we um.. ah.. celebrated just a little getting goats. =D
Hannah, Sarah, and Joel


Sarah and Abigail again.
We really should have taken more pictures! =D
We came across this news article, and wanted y'all to read about it.
This is terrible that people would sign this (even though it isn't real we wouldn't put it past people in this world!)
In Christ,
~The Keller Girls~


  1. Beautiful pictures! So glad you're back!!!

  2. Hello girls!!! I'm still alive to : ) Sorry I haven't written back yet : /
    It's pretty exciting that you got milk goats! My family has always wanted to do that, but we live in town, so the most we can have is 5 laying chickens.

    Leah = )

    1. Oh, that is fine! Totally understand! =D

  3. That's awful about the abortion petition! The Tasmanian Government is talking over a law allowing legal abortion up to 24 weeks, and it looks like it'll be approved of, despite all the Christians in Tassie who've signed the numerous petitions that have been circulating. We'd really appreciate prayer that God would give the politicians and leaders wisdom, and that they'd realise what they'd be doing if they approved of it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for telling us! ...praying....!!