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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random pictures.... :)

Jeremy, Jonathan, Sarah, and Ruth, with some friends out politicking. :)

Some of our cute kittys! :)
Ivan, Timothy, Kate, and Heather.

Ruth loves this shirt and she got it for $4 at Salvation Army! :)

Baby Rouge.

The twins, Agnes and Edith. <3

Our goobers! Mia, AJ, Edith, and Reggie.

Abigail. Life would be so dull with out this girl! <3

Ruth's photography. 
Jeremy is the model. 

Selfie time. ;)

Ruth was taking selfies with Agnes and caught this one....  
Sarah and her sweet, best friend, Rachel. 

A friend gave us some garden fresh tomatoes. 
We are getting creative on how to use tomatoes in meals. ;)

Some pictures Sarah took. :)


Have a blessed day! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Monday, August 4, 2014

Old photos! :)

Hannah has hardly any baby pictures due to Mom being so busy with our two older brothers, but this is one of the maybe five baby pictures she has! :)

L to R
Joel, Hannah, Ruth, Joshua. 
(The boy's hair!! :) )

L to R
Ruth, Joshua, Jeremy, Sarah, Joel, and Hannah


Hannah and Ruth. 

Hannah and Ruth

Joel, Joshua, and Pretty Paws.

Ruth, Sarah, and Hannah, lol don't know what was going on with those faces..?


Our first fish! 
We worked so hard for him. lol
Hannah, Joel, Ruth, Jeremy, Joshua, and Sarah

Back row Joshua, Joel, Hannah (holding Abigail), and Ruth
Front: Jeremy, Sarah, and Jonathan,

Hannah and Joel.
hee hee

Joel (with Jonathan on his shoulder), Jeremy, Aunt Caroline (holding Abigail), Hannah, Sarah, and Ruth.

The four oldest. <3
Hannah, Ruth, Joshua, and Joel. :)

hee hee :)

~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Random pictures.....

We three girls went vintage shopping for the Prairie Dance, and Sarah tried this dress on. :) 
Very poor quality picture, but this dress is actually a very pretty shade of pink.... :)
Unfortunately it wasn't her favorite dress so we didn't get it.

Our baby kittens are getting SO big! 
This is Ivan :)

LOL. :) A deal we snagged so Jonathan could have a costume to play in around the house. ;) 
He is putting on his "just got arrested not happy about it" face. ;)

Creepy...... lol
Ruth was reading a book on the table and looked up to this....

Hannah's finished project.
She had so much fun crocheting this! 


Shelling peas! 

Jonathan's rabbit, James.



Another kitten, Fern.

Joel's outfit for the Prairie Dance! 
He is taking his wonderful fiancee, Lizzy, to the dance! :)

Have a great night! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy 18th birthday to our best friend!!

Just have to take a moment to say HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to our beautiful, caring, and sweet best friend!! :)

When God created us he couldn't have picked a better best friend then her! :)

We're kinda dramatic and we feed off each other..... :/ 
We can look normal if we try..... :)

Happy birthday Janna!! 

~Hannah and Ruth~

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shopping with our best friends! :)


We girls went shopping with our best friends! :)

Ruth, Janna, and Hannah

Sarah and Rachel

We being so goofy mature decided to try on some wedding and prom dresses at Goodwill.

Janna, Sarah, and Rachel

We found these ridiculously high heels and we just had to all try them on! :)




and Ruth.

We had such a FUN time!! :)

~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~