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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sisters, school, family, and cats....

Our family singing together at church. :)

Our baby. :)

Still doing lots of school. 

Baby rabbits!! 

Ruth was outside reading her Bible and as soon as she had finished Reggie (our lil goober) decided to make himself at home. :)

Big brother, Joel, took the three youngest siblings out for some root beer.
So of course a selfie was in order. :)

Abigail and Sarah just love Hannah and her work uniform so of course they needed to dress up like Hannah in her work uniform. :) 

Sisters! <3

Joel fell asleep after a hard day of work and our cuddle bug, Reggie, cuddled right in. :)

Abigail and Ruth.


Joel with Reggie in his baseball glove. ;p

God bless! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Completely random pictures!

Hannah and Sean-Paul. :D


Joshua in his outfit! :) 
He bought the sword at a pawn shop and fixed it up, refitted the pants and shoes, made his own shield and money bag, and Ruth sewed the outfit. :)

Jeremy and Abigail. :)

Josh again.
We are looking forward to seeing this pretty lady in September!! :) 

We had Sean-Paul and his family over for an evening and had so much fun with them! 
Jeremy behind them, Sean-Paul's older brother, Derek on the left, and his younger brother, Weston, on the right. :)

Sean-Paul, Jonathan, and Weston.

We were passing Joshua's homemade pirate hat around the table. hee hee.



We did some target practice before dark.
Weston shooting Joel's .270
Sean-Paul with Joshua's .30-30.

Derek shooting Joel's .270

Sarah shooting the .270

Our little kittens are getting SO big! :'( 
This is lil AJ. :)


Edith. This lil girl is SO full of personality!! :)

Sarah's rabbit, Onna, had the cutest litter of baby rabbits!! :) They are close to four weeks old. :)

Well, that was totally random!! :)

Have a great day! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vacation on the lake.

Hi y'all! 

Our Great-aunt and Uncle invited us up to their BEAUTIFUL house that sits by a lake this weekend! 
We had so much fun! 

Our Great Uncle owns a pontoon boat so we had hours of fun swimming and boating.
Here are a *few* pictures of the weekend. :) 

Our view.

Out on the lake at night.

Swimming with cousins!


lil bro Jeremy.

The three of us after swimming.

Love this goober!!




Our view again.


Bigger goobers. ;)

Abigail and her cousin Becca.

The four of us with that beautiful view!!




Hannah and the goober.
Putting sun screen on.... ;)

Chilling with some chess after swimming all day. :)

Have a great day! 
~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~